hats and hats

So, before I talk about my new hats I need to fall on my sword.  This blog fell by the wayside.  I don’t know why.  It just did.  Also, I need to get back to my list of patterns and remember what I decided to make and add all the new ones I’ve fallen in love with recently.

I’m currently working on a cowl I fell for at Stitches East.  It’s knit in Berroco Sundae yarn.  Which is luxuriously soft and the color is an eggplant purple.  I love it deeply.

And now hats:
train tam
This is the train tam. Mine seems to be a little bit more beret like, which is great. Except it does feel a touch big. I think I’m going to soak it in hot water and block it a bit. It was going to be my new fall hat, but I haven’t really fallen for it yet. Maybe once I block it.


This is cowabunga. This was my first exercise in knitting two colors in a pattern. I think it’s like low level intarsia. I’m not entirely loving it yet. The wave pattern is a little too tense, but my niece Allie loves it. I think I might try to make it again since it did not take very long once I figured it out.

Next up is figuring out Christmas presents. But right now is a cup of tea, my couch, West Side Story, and lovely lovely new cowl.


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